Valentine Flowers

When John and I started outlining the seed schedule, for growing transplants, I got all gushy and asked, "Can we plant our first seeds on Valentine's Day?" - which magnificently happened to be seeds for flowers and herbs! John was touched by this sentiment, of course.

I had recently learned from John's daughter - Farmer Erin - that many seeds, especially flowers need a looong time to germinate. As a green farmer myself, I would have never thought to start seeding for transplants in February!

But there we were, planting tiny little seeds on Valentine's Day. Ones that will turn into beautiful stalks of Foxgloves this year. And rosemary and thyme and verbena and sage, oh my!

I hope you will come to the farm, and enjoy them in our garden. I feel incredibly tickled to share this fond experience, and what will be a heartwarming tradition to start every Garden Magic year.