Bacon Fat Dressing

Ingredients: Bacon fat drippings, organic sunflower oil, garlic - sea salt and lemon.

So start saving your bacon drippings off the pan. I let it cool a little, but still pour-able. Keep a mason or ball jar near the stove. Use a metal 'tea' strainer to separate out the gunk from the pan going into the jar.

Once I have about a cup of bacon fat, I pour an equal amount of organic sunflower oil. Press in several garlic cloves, some sea salt and a freshly squeezed lemon.

Keep in the refrigerator, but take out 20 minutes before eating, as the fat solidifies. Otherwise, place in a bowl with HOT water. Shake, pour and enjoy!

We LOVE having this over spinach (or any greens really) with feta, red pepper, red onion and freshly sizzled bacon bits!