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Annual registration provides us valuable information to plan for the approaching farm season. Once you register, you have the option to make your payment in person, by mail or online. We keep your records private. Please contact us with questions at: - In goodness and health!

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Please note your method of payment. Check by mail, or other is preferred, as 100% of your monetary pledge goes directly into farming. We include online & credit card payment options for convenience, and value these services aid commerce for a 2.75% service fee. This fee does not effect the total cost of your purchase. It is a charge that our business will expense. We include this information for educational purposes only, and trust that you will always follow what is best for you, in the process of exchanging dollars for produce. In deep gratitude.
I understand that purchasing any CSA Share involves both the abundance and the risk of the harvest. I trust that Farmer John and Gabrielle will do their best. I know that weather and pests are unpredictable. With agriculture there are no guarentees, on any specific crop. Payments are not refundable; alternatively I may transfer my share if necessary. With this information, I understand my pledge to Garden Magic, and uphold this commitment to my farmers and quality local farming.